Senin, 16 November 2015

From the Dark

Naration : From the dark, Emilia finally arrived to the gate but once again a witch called Swana came and read a spell caused all leaves came to life and pretend to grab Emilia to the deep plantation. Swana was Emilia's half sister who hates her because of her truth and her believe. Swana won't let Emilia out from her control now, but fortunately Emilia can move her hands and write '8' in the air. Suddenly the leaves stopped.

This story is next episode from our previous story.

Rabu, 03 Juni 2015

Summer Oh Summer, I will stand still even the heat kills.

This summer is a hard time for everyone. So sad to heard that many Indian's dead because of the heat wave. I hope the heat will turned off soon. And for my life, a lot of thing happened. Fall and had no eager to move. But, love and appreciation from my friends, family, new family, and bloggers from my flickr group makes me stand here even I am still have certain feeling. Being worked with bloggers and my new staff,Mishell,with Portfolio makes me happy and have a spirit to continue. I hope everything will be fine and soon will be released my projects <3

This summer time I want to represent it as an elegant summer. I wore a modish dress from Rayne Couture with bright pink and blue color. To add elegant look, I wore a hat from Lode that really give elegant feel and bracelet from Finesmith took it more edgy. Don't forget to add summer colors at my eyes from Chelle and Blackliquid in my lips. An outfit won't be perfect without a pair of shoes, I glad to wore heels from Countdown. 

Kamis, 22 Januari 2015

Among the sheep..

I am in the imaginary idea nowadays. While my stories and projects in the pantry, I would like to show you my idea on a  beautiful sim. Ask me inworld at elleonna seraphine to give you the lm.

So, I was coming home from a carnival tour. There were a lot of unique things and unbelievable talents. I prepared myself with a couture gown and unique hat I wore from A.F.I Design. I didn't forget to add Allure's boots to complete my carnival look. When I was away back home, I found an interesting field. This field was surrounded by great view. I met mr sheep and their family. So, without second thoughts I went to sheep filed and start to have fun by myself.

Jumat, 21 November 2014

Headshot for Miss zanze

This month I joined a contest called Miss Zanze. This contest held at 2 phase, first was audition and the last is Final. I had been choosen to be one of their finalist and the other 11 ladies. I am excited to do final. Before that I had been asked to have my pic taken. That I will add that here. And then after that we had been shooted for video too. Here is the link : Miss Zanze Teaser
( I used Isomotion poses at this video )

Here is the photo :

Jumat, 14 November 2014

A Sakura Girl

   A scary condition now at my country natural disaster keeps coming back. From flood to earthquake, from Jakarta to Maluku. I really hope everythings gonna be alright and keeps praying to a good condition. During new president rules, several disasters showing their power.
   For now, let’s talk about what I wore. I wore a coat from Molichino, a red and warm one. It is suitable for any day at winter and autumn season, also it covered almost half of our head. It keeps my head warm while I styled myself as a girl from japan with hair from sYs. I love their hairs and outfits. Somehow, it gave me urban feel, edgy, new wave of style.  When I see the coat and hair together it matched. And also to give a bit warmness I added a pants from Baiastice. Originally from a skirt but somehow, I love it mixed with my outfit today. I wore also a sandal from an event from Hucci Hampstead.  A bit casual but hopefully matched with the outfit. Finally, I put on a unique make up from Femme Fatale or Chic Zafari. It is unique and modern. Don’t forget to pose with poses from Katink, a stylish pose I love. Hope you love my style <3

Jumat, 07 November 2014

An empty room after party..

     Today, I promise to myself to work for some blogs, several projects and help Fuzz with the event. A lot of work to do, but I determine to do several blog posts. For first post today, it is my dedication for my friend, my boss who always listen to me and so kind to me. She did her own first design for Zanze. The design quite chic to wear in a cocktail party or hang out with friends at a club. This dress remind me of Diana Ross a little, a diva but still chic. Because my tittle now is after party so I just put the dress to make it stand out and no need extra jewelry, for me. Put the details under.