Senin, 16 November 2015

From the Dark

Naration : From the dark, Emilia finally arrived to the gate but once again a witch called Swana came and read a spell caused all leaves came to life and pretend to grab Emilia to the deep plantation. Swana was Emilia's half sister who hates her because of her truth and her believe. Swana won't let Emilia out from her control now, but fortunately Emilia can move her hands and write '8' in the air. Suddenly the leaves stopped.

This story is next episode from our previous story.

What Elleonna wore ?
Bare Feet : Slink - Feet Female High
Hands : Slink - Elegant 1
Meni Pedi : Alaskametro - Tropics (Silver)
Collar : Machoire - Ruji Necklace
Merak top : Vero Modero - Eden Beach Wear
Eyes : IKON - Sunrise Eyes
Dress : Lyrical Bizarre - Plays
Hair : Epoque - Sharp (Glacial)
Wedges : Zenith - Bohemian String Platform Shoes
Bracelets : .aisling. - Eunice Bracelets (Gold)
Lashes : Mon Cheri - Falsies
Lipstick : The Skin Shop - Glossy (Blue)

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