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The Dragon Agent chapter 2

Then, after maybe 10 minutes eating my plain soup, I exactly could count that was 10 minutes because of the sunlight always showed the fourth metals on my window. Meal time was my happy time. That I can daydreaming of how my life outside the prison. I could felt the warm sunlight hugs my body. I could saw everybody’s smile when I said, “ Hi !”. I wanted to give my care to all the people outside.  Wanted to felt love. Wanted to felt ‘normal’ stuff. Since I kidnapped 15 years ago. I never felt the same again. I forgot all I had at the past. I think I was at 10 years old when I came into this place.
I was a winner from some of martial arts championships I remembered. I used to be star at my school. I remembered that I love martial arts so much. My dad told me how to use guns. My mum used to be mad if my dad took me to try new gun. After my mum won argued with my dad, she usually took me to his room and we played girly girl stuff. I didn’t really like it. And my mum was laughing after me. I remembered that I live at a lovely home.
With lovely garden that my mum made it like an English garden, a lot of flowers, with many kind of smells, and beautiful colors. At the spring time, the fragrant suddenly came inside my room that placed not too far from our garden. We have so many horses at the ranch not far from our house. I had my own favorite, Luc. He is my lovely powerful horse, with black color and white on his face. I named Luc after my best friend’s name, Luca. He was my childhood friend, sadly we separated at my 12 years old. He was my soulmate,childhood soulmate. He moved to big city with his grandparents after tragic death of his parents. He was a sweet boy and I was like to be played with him.
A clear voice shouted at me, “ Hey you ! Yes you ! Get Up ! “ Suddenly my dream disappeared. I got up then he grab my right hand and he shouted at me with his bad breath, I thought that was from cheap drinks that he drunk before he came here. “ Hmmm, lovely body and face miss, sadly you are our prisoner here and I will tell you a secret, you are not just a prisoner but you are one of their top priority, and I can understand why…yeppp..hahaha “ He said that with his eyes watched around my body. I felt so disgusted, so I just ignore him. Then he took me from my cage and I said, “ Where will you bring me ? Aww hurt…” and he answered,” shut up ! just shut up !” than He grabbed my face and moved his face closer to my face and said, “ If you are not shut up I will kiss your body miss, I tell you I will not hold it if you can’t shut your f****** mouth !” Then I just kept silence. After that he dragged me passed some rooms and cages. At my heart I just kept thinking that I will be killed.
I arrived at a room with strange bed, I recognized it a medical bed. I asked myself,” Why they take me here ?” Then a nanny came to that room, she told me that I must change my cloth to cloth that she brought. After I changed, She told me to slept at that bed, I asked her, “ Why I must…” Before I finished someone came from outside to the room, a man with some medical stuff. He wears doctor’s cap, cloth and medical gloves. I shocked and very scared. And suddenly he shot me with the string, the nurses who came with him hold me so hard. Then I felt no pain and felt asleep and I slept at my front body. When I am a bit awake, I was awake because a strange voice that appeared there. I thought that was a wild animal voice but I was not so sure. I was sleeping again and felt surrender.
After slept at a very long time (I guess), I awake. I woke up on a beautiful bed, I thought that I was in a palace. There are luxurious everywhere. I slept at a pretty bed with soft pillows, blanket and awesome maroon bed. I cleared my eyes then I look up to my left side, there are some beautiful painting and flowers, and oh.. I saw red roses, the same roses that I had on our home. Then I didn’t realized that I take a little step from my bed. I adored the beauty on this room. So beautiful than I can’t blink my eyes a while. I saw a cupboard, then I fed my curiosity. I opened it than I saw some beautiful dresses and clothes. Oh my god.. That were beautiful.. Than I look at a beautiful antique mirror and some perfume and beauty cosmetics and again flowers. Yes, flowers everywhere. I couldn’t believe it, 10 years never saw this beauty made me believe that I was in a dream. Then I saw the mirror, what a beautiful art piece. I look into the mirror, It is strange I couldn’t see my scars or bruises that I had before. And suddenly I shocked I saw into the mirror again, I saw something at my back. I saw a tattoo there at my back. I saw a dragon tattoo. Oh my, so they draw a dragon on my body without questioning me first. I was so sad, now I had a sign that I couldn’t erase easily when I wanted to forget all. In the quiet time I cried loud, I felt that finally they could had me, I didn’t have a freedom to choose and to have a right. But why they gave me this beautiful room ? Or maybe I was dreaming ? Or I am killed and I was at heaven ?

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