Jumat, 20 Juni 2014

Future = Maybe

Sci-Fi. Something that is out of our imagination, or, something others think that is impossible but it is impossible. Well, in the future = maybe, I think about a simple fashion, useful but just done.

With a lot of technology and nature climate changing that will decide how we dress, how we think and how we live. I think fashion will a lot to be simple, isn't it ?

Style Card :

Gloves : BEPPIN ! - Fitmesh Long Gloves (Blue)
Dress : sYs - NAIDES long dress
Lipstick : Madrid Solo - Facade Lips (Violent Violet)
Cheek Contour : T.arnished
Nose Contour : T.arnished
Hair : booN - MMG701 (purple)
Spine : Grim Bros - Lighting Bolts SPINE
Sunglass : sYs - AvALON Sunglasses (f) (Dark Black)

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