Rabu, 11 Juni 2014

Hello Tuesday ! I am relaxing for a bit, I promise..

So, for today, I wore an airy outfit. A lot of writing that I have to write, include 3 stories I write now. A bit exhausting so I try a bit relax and calm. I am so exciting how reader open my blog now, that keeps me continue to write and write again. So, yes, you all the readers, you are my sunshine <3. Thx you for your appreciation , without you all I will do my work slowly or even never do it. I try to give my point of view and idea. Hope that will keeps your spirit to do yours too <3 Happy Tuesday !

Style Card :
Flats : Olegun - Batik Flats Shoes ( Motif Tie Dye 3)
Hands Tattoo : Jalwa - Khaleeji Swirl 2 Tattoo
Hands : Slink - Elegant1
Lips : Madrid Solo - Facade Lips (soft Red)
Eyeliner 1: Mons - Eyeliner So Cute (navy)
Eyeliner 2: Snow Rabbit - Eyeline03
Lashes : Mon Cheri - Falsies
Hair : Adoness - Valasca (brown)
Ear attachment : Flecha - Elven Ear Cuff
Dress : Munereia - Bloeien >> Hello Tuesday !
Top outter wear : Monso - My Crochet Sweater (Stripe2 )
Chair : What Next - Eco-Chic Ottoman (fawn)
Sim : My family home

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